In conjunction with our recent podcast, Know Your Medicaid Benefits, The Alden Network is pleased to provide this Public Aid/Medicaid Verification Checklist that will help with the application process.

Click here to download the checklist.

Photo I.D.
Medicare card (s) – red, white & blue card
Health Insurance card (both sides) and proof of premiums paid, must be copy of the bill (direct payment from a bank account is not accepted by Medicaid).
Social Security card(s)
Birth Certificate / Baptismal Certificate for self and spouse (if under 65 years old)
Marriage Certificate or divorce decree
Death Certificate for resident or spouse, if applicable
Proof of citizenship or Resident Alien Card
Power of attorney or guardianship papers
15 months of bank statements for all accounts pertaining to resident and/or spouse**
Explanation of all deposits/withdrawals/debits over $500 from all accounts (must provide copies of cancelled checks for checks written over $500/proof of source of deposits)
Verification of gross amount of pensions or other income for resident and spouse – only in the case of social security will bank statements showing a direct deposit suffice. Pensions must be verified with a statement from the pension company.
Proof of current face and cash values of all life insurance policies
Itemized pre-paid burial/funeral arrangement and proof that it is irrevocable (if it is)
Certificate or deed to burial lot
Current property tax bill and deed of ownership for home or closing papers (if sold in last 5 years)
Title or registration for all cars
15 months of proof of value of all stocks, bonds, money markets, IRAs, CDs, annuities – all assets must be accounted for resident and/or spouse and payout amount if sold in last 5 years**
Check stubs for the past 3 months, if resident or spouse is or was employed
Past 5 years of income tax returns
Outstanding medical bills

** It is possible that up to 60 months may be requested from the state.

If you have questions or need further assistance in getting approved for an Alden Medicaid stay, please call one of our Medicaid specialists at 773-286-3883.